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Diet VS Exercise, Which is More Beneficial to You?

It’s no surprise that everyone’s goals are different when it comes to getting fit and becoming the best version of themselves.  Hell, if abs were as easy as tying our shoes, we’d all be fitness freaks! lol…we each want something specific to our personal needs, but we often forget that there are many different ways to get to that goal. For some of us, focusing on a strict diet (blehh! who still diets??) will yield us the results we strive for, while others will receive more benefits from slamming weights at the gym or following along with a pre-designed workout program from the comfort of their own home…yeah, like me!



For real tho:  For most individuals, some sort of weight loss or transformation is at the center of their goals. A change in your exercise routine is beneficial, but it won’t mean a thing without a proper diet. The key to shedding pounds is simple: burn MORE calories than you put in your body. A good, balanced diet with a focus around fruits and veggies is the key to taking in good calories and fighting the urge to binge like you haven’t had solid food in over a week! So, if you’re looking to fit into those clothes you wore 3 months ago, drop some unwanted el-bee’s (lbs), or want to simply make your life healthier in general, start making adjustments to the type of food you’re putting in your pie-hole…mmmm, pie. 😉



If you’re looking to transform your body then you’ve come to the right place. Exercise is where the magic becomes real. Better eating habits will not give you the strong and toned body you’re envisioning. You have to work out. Plain and simple. You have to build muscle-mass and strengthen the muscle groups you want to transform. Anyone trying to go #BeastMode with their workout routine? I’ve got some pretty sweet recommendations for weight training to get the GAINZZZ.  That kind of progress will only come from hard work and powering through tough exercise. By the way…this takes time. Muscles have to be gradually built and added to through the process. You can’t “get big” after just one gym session. Work on a specific muscle group, look up an awesome workout routine, and follow it…even Leg Day!

While both diet-er-better eating habits… and exercise can provide tons of value on their own, ABSOLUTE BEST THING YOU CAN DO FOR YOU RIGHT NOW is find a system that does it all for you. I have to go back to the system that changed my life…The 21 Day Fix. Not only does it provide you with color-coded containers to teach you proper portion control, but it also comes equipped with six easy, yet challenging (I still sweat on Total Body…lol) workouts. To really kick-start and accelerate your results, I will PUHH-REEACHHHH that you must add Shakeology to your “diet.” You won’t regret it…It has helped me get over the hump in my nutrition, as well as help me keep off the weight this long!

What happens when you mix a results-driven workout program with an equally amazing meal plan? Multiply that with my assistance as much as you’d like? You get RESULTS. It’s not going to be an easy journey, but with time, a strong support system, and a group of like-minded individuals, you are going to be successful! It’s going to be tough. You are going to fail. You are going to fall. But the strongest are able to get back up. And when you feel weak, and you feel like giving up. You’ve got my hand right there to help you get back on your feet.

Give it some time, a lot of sweat, and unrelenting commitment…trust the process, and it will put you on track to becoming the best version of you!