You’ve made it here for a reason. Whether you’re trying to get back on the wagon that you fell off, have no idea where to begin,  or trying to put yourself first for your family…this is the page you were meant to find.

No more excuses…it’s time to drop your ego for 6 weeks, and join me on this journey. It’s not going to be easy, but I can already tell you that it’s going to be worth it.

I’m offering you a solution to your excuse:

-Not enough time.
-No idea what to eat.
-It’s the summer.
-My kids will distract me.
-I have no one to support me.

Still want in?

Keep reading.







Fat, depressed, unhealthy, angry, lost, confused, no support – those describe a past ME. I’ve been there before – There’s a high probability I’ve struggled with something similar to you. I’m not a fitness model. I’m not a ripped athlete. I’m a regular dude/dad, trying to keep his energy up to play with his child, and make the most out of each day to live my best life, and help you do the same.

So, why Leeroy? I’ve been there, and I’ve done it all! But I’ve found a fitness solution that will smack all your excuses in the face. I want to Coach you and be your #ChocolateCheerleader as we go through this journey together! That’s right…together. We can’t be successful unless you are seeing/feeling results. That’s where I come in. You will learn to love fitness, love the process, and love feeling good about the person you see in the mirror…self-love YO!


I’ll be real with you. I still struggle with this one. I’m a stress-eater and emotional eater by heart. Food is good, and I love it…but I don’t want food to be in control of my life.
I’m much better today in comparison to my Day 1, but that’s a real struggle…and unlike most people you see on the internet, I’m transparent and honest with you on this topic.

I’m not asking you to go 100% clean with your nutrition. I will lead you through the same system that saved my life. First, we learn proper portion control and prevent over-eating/starvation (aka diets & fads), and when you’re ready, we can start talking about nutrient-timing and macros.


I’m not saying my life is super-busy as yours, but it’s definitely packed with appointments, weddings, meetings, and family-time. Being a father to our little TaterTot has it’s ups and it’s downs; but I wouldn’t trade a second of it for anything. I have every excuse in the book to not make my health a priority…but I understand how important it is for us to make time, so that I can be in the best shape of my life for my family.

Join me, and you will experience a close look into my life that I share on my Instagram and Facebook. Not only that, but you will have the opportunity to adopt some of these super easy behaviors for your life and learn to make YOU a priority as well. You will learn how to find time to meal plan, prep your meals, schedule your workouts, set aside time for you, your family, and so much more!




It’s get in, and get out…that’s it! We all have busy schedules…I said it before…I’m a new Dad, and I want to spend as little time away from our TaterTot, so when Joel Freeman threw these details at me, I jumped on board immediately.

Here is a breakdown of how the program works:

  • ONLY 4 DAYS OF WORK:  You are only working out for 4 days throughout the week!
  • 30-40 MINUTES A DAY:  You are pushing play and committing to your workouts for less than an hour.
  • WEIGHT-TRAINING:  Lifting weights which means toning and scuplting for your ladies out there, and shred-city for all you dudes tryin’ to get your Beach body on point!
  • FAT-BURNING:  HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) means that you are going to melt that stubborn fat off as you spike your heart-rate.
  • CHEAT DAY:  YES. There are scheduled cheat days, and my Meal Plan Mentality is 85/15 (85% clean & 15% treat)…it’s called balance.
  • REAL RESULTS:  The results are already proven…so when I say you will get results (as long as you put in the time and effort), it will happen; and we’ll get there together!















You only have to workout 4 days/week. That means every second counts! Give it your all and look forward to your rest days…that’s right-there are 3 days of rest, so you can spend that time recovering, hanging out with family and friends, or preparing for the next week.

From an exercise perspective, your results are accelerated! Give 100% each time and you will torch calories and build muscle.

On a personal level…You now have 3 days to do WHATEVER you want to do. Me? More time with my family. Hikes, ice cream trips, mini-golf, adventures!


You have the opportunity to join me, as I host the an exclusive, VIP test group. We are going in 100%! The premise behind this, is that I want to help you achieve your goals.

Let’s be realistic:  If you’re just starting out, you’re NOT going to have abs right away. You’re not going to look like the people in the video.

You are going to gain much more than a physical transformation. You are going to learn how to properly fuel your body by following the meal plan. You’re going to learn how to appropriately target muscles without injuring yourself. You’re going to gain the confidence to be the best version of you…PERIOD.

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