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My Transformations

Yes, I Said “Transformations” with an “S!”.

     “The best project you’ll ever work on, is you.”


On the outside, I was always this fun-loving, full-of-energy college kid. I loved hanging out with my friends, going to parties…just living life. One day, good ol’ puberty and evolution set itself into motion, and I thought to myself, “dammit Leeroy, you gotta get it together and get them gaaiinzzzzz!”

Enter – THE GYM.
Now like most masculine meat-heads, I decided that chest and abs were my go-t0 jams. Leg Day? WTF is that? So not only am I putting in 1-2.5hr gym sessions, but I’m also skipping Leg Day, AND I’m neglecting the most important part of all my training, nutrition.

Don’t get me wrong, I was a very happy frat boy, but I hated the person in the mirror.It was time for a change, and I needed one badly!


I found that if I were to eat right, and not waste 2 hours each day trying to become the meathead next to me, I’d get to where I want to be. I stopped wishing for abs, and decided that I just want to feel better.

If you want to dive into my journey and find out how I started, check that info here.

This is not a get-fit-quick scheme…it’s gonna take work. I only want to work with those who want something more. If you can trust the process, believe in yourself, and have the right support system, you will achieve the best version of you.